Sattva Consulting

Taanya Khare

I worked at Sattva Consulting for 3 years and have seen it evolve into a dynamic yet extremely resilient organization. The key reason I believe is its people and the shared vision to make a difference. As a Sattvan, I was provided with several opportunities and experiences to learn from my peers, seniors and always found myself challenged to deliver my best. I felt a sense of autonomy to deliver independent projects, initiatives but also was provided mentoring when needed. This enabled me to enhance my technical skills and build leadership skills like project and personnel management.

As an aspiring leader within the sector, I believe that my growth within Sattva has prepared me for the challenges ahead and for that I am grateful. There’s something about Sattva that leaves an indelible imprint and re-affirms your commitment to impact. It’s this something, this shared vision, that will help Sattva go achieve great things in the future.

(Oxford MBA, Class of ’22)