Sattva Consulting

Garima Goel

I joined Sattva when it was a small company and had 15 employees in its Delhi office. During my 3 years tenure, I have seen it transform into a brand and a thought leader. But the thing that remained constant was the focus on radical candour and the support provided to each employee who wanted to take an initiative- be it an internal project, a sector-specific market report or being part of a sales conversation.
The leadership at Sattva perfectly embodies its values. Even while being the youngest member in a room, I was always given the space and respect to share my thoughts in front of a client. Dissent was appreciated in Sattva and was considered the medium to reach highly effective strategies. Regular and authentic feedback was systematised with a two-fold objective of helping the employee in planning their career path in the social sector and getting better at what they do every day.
I am really glad I got the chance to witness the expansion of Sattva and contribute to it.