Who we are


Sattva, in Sanskrit, means ‘true essence’ and ‘consciousness’.


The last 50 years have witnessed unprecedented growth leading to significant enhancements in the quality of life for most of us. However, it is undeniable that this development has also greatly increased inequality across the world, leaving behind more of us than we are able to take forward.


We believe that addressing complex societal challenges requires a fundamental shift in the way businesses, societies, governments and other stakeholders engage with each other. The aspirations of the 4 billion people who live today at the ‘base of the pyramid’ needs to be absorbed in sustainable and inclusive ways in the larger growth story. We believe that entrepreneurs, organizations and communities who come together and script solutions to these ‘opportunities’ will define the future course of our collective “tomorrow”.


And this is why we exist – to pursue the goal of vanquishing poverty in our lifetime by co-creating models that are scalable, sustainable and globally relevant, by serving as a bridge across varied stakeholders, by designing and implementing solutions that can bring long-lasting impact.


Sattva works with corporations, funders and social organizations on programs that today span 16 States in India, Nepal and other parts of South Asia.

Who We Are

Sattva works with social organizations and corporations to help them find their ‘magic quadrant’ where they can maximize their social impact along with economic value. 

We help organizations design and execute inclusive models that are innovative, economically viable and add equitable value to all the different stakeholders involved in the chain. 

Following are the key principles that serve as the foundation of our organization

Impact First

Solving social challenges on the ground is the key driver for all our engagements and the leading measure of our success.

Financial Sustainability

Our focus is on enabling social organizations to achieve financial sustainability while adding value to all stakeholders in an equitable manner.

Focus on Implementation and Outcomes

We place high emphasis on realization of outcomes on the ground through our complete participation in the process of implementation and achievement of measurable results.

The bridge between business and social value

With our on-ground experience in implementing social impact, we focus on building models that can bring business together with diverse social stakeholders to maximize social value along with business returns.


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