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Social Organizations and Funders

Sattva has a proven track record of supporting mission-driven organizations in design and on-ground implementation of programs and initiatives to achieve scale and long-term sustainability.

Sattva works with social organizations as a partner in building capacity, streamlining internal processes, building new products and solutions, establishing pilots, nurturing the support ecosystem and strengthening the organization’s network towards further growth.

Sattva works with venture philanthropy and impact investment ecosystem to increase the social return of investment by helping identify and direct funds towards sustainable, scalable, and innovative ideas as well as support existing investments portfolios in building their capacity and sustainability.

Strategic Inputs

Strategic Inputs

Sattva leverages its strong on-ground experience to provide strategic inputs on social impact to organisational leadership. Sattva brings a robust network of social organization partners across 16 States in India to facilitate a wide range of interactions and immersive experiences between varied stakeholders. Sattva translate the insights from these interactions into an action plan for companies to identify the right societal challenges and define effective strategies to address them.

Sattva’s core differentiation

Solid operations experience

Wide network and ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders

Expertise in engaging business leadership

Implementation and Capacity building

Implementation and Capacity building

Sattva works with organisations across the social impact ecosystem – non-profits, CSRs and social enterprises – in designing and implementing solutions on the ground.

Sattva offers a holistic portfolio of cross-functional services to implement solutions and realize outcomes on the ground – core design of the solution, building the capacity of the organization and the program, on-boarding of relevant partners, establishing data-driven processes and procedures for operation and rigorous program management.

Sattva’s core differentiation is an agile approach that integrates strategy and execution iteratively, especially in complex multi-stakeholder environments.

Sattva’s core differentiation

Portfolio of cross-functional services

Iterative problem-solving based on on-ground feedback

Focus on measurable outcomes

Impact assessment

Impact assessment

We believe that the role of impact assessment is to serve as an insightful tool for organizations to assess, align and steer their programs in social impact.

Sattva designs and implements assessment methods that measure the social and economic impact of an organization’s programs.

We work subsequently with both the leadership and operational teams to integrate the insights into the core working processes.

Sattva’s core differentiation

Data and technology-based approach

Expertise in identifying the right social and economic indicators

Ability to engage leadership and on-ground teams