What is a CSR Index? Why does it matter?

June 11, 2016

The BSE and IICA’s proposed CSR Index assigns a number on the quality and scope of CSR activities as well as adherence to the CSR Act for all companies listed on the BSE. This figure allows for CSR comparison across companies, industries, and sectors. Sachin Pilot, Union Minister for Corporate Affairs, regarding the CSR Index, notes that the index “a new beginning for companies with the wherewithal to undertake such initiatives [and] will help in giving a larger platform to such companies and also a global perspective.” Currently, the BSE-IICA proposes to form an advisory committee tasked that will collaborate with the various stakeholders to develop the CSR Index.

About the Author

Aarti Mohan
Aarti is a co-founder and heads the Knowledge practice at Sattva. She is also the editor of the online magazine on sustainability, The Alternative (www.thealternative.in). More here: http://www.sattva.co.in/our-team/aarti-mohan/