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Inclusive Business and Shared Value

Inclusive Business and Shared Value

Sattva envisions inclusive business models to be at the intersection of a defined social problem, strong organizational alignment, and tangible business value. At the heart of our work is our ability to collaborate with companies to integrate inclusivity and sustainability in their core business.

Our on-ground experience, research, and networks allow us to support organizations and help business leaders identify and understand social needs and relevant opportunities to work in inclusive development. Through a process of bringing together expert perspectives, enabling on-ground experiences, and facilitating conversations among stakeholders, we help organizations define their business-social alignment.


We operationalize pilots, strengthen and scale the implementation of existing social impact initiatives, and support in realizing impact on the ground.

Our key offerings:

Execution of pilots, scaling of programs, diversification of initiatives on the ground in South Asia

Social journeys and in-depth workshops to help business leaders understand social innovation in India

Research and knowledge-creation on key gaps and opportunities, in-depth documentation of working models and insights

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sattva sees Corporate Social Responsibility as an opportunity for Corporations to effectively contribute to addressing key social challenges through leveraging their domains of expertise, resources, and people; and create solutions for long-lasting impact for the planet and communities.


Sattva engages CSR leadership in building strong understanding and empathy towards the social need. We work together with relevant stakeholders to design high impact initiatives, on-board relevant and credible partners, and ensure ongoing rigorous, hands-on implementation, monitoring, and impact assessments so that the social return on investment through CSR is maximized.

Our key offerings:

Turnkey CSR Program Management offering hassle-free CSR design and implementation in compliance with the statute

Custom CSR Project Implementation including design, implementation, and monitoring of custom projects with strong on-ground engagement

Organization Capacity building to achieve organizational alignment and capacity towards effective CSR

Long-term Strategic CSR Advisory offering Strategic Inputs towards strengthening existing CSR initiatives