Areas of Expertise

Sattva has worked hand-in-hand with education non-profits to improve organizational efficiency, realize long-term sustainability, and achieve capacity building. Sattva has also worked with leaders of social organizations in providing strategic inputs towards scaling the organization’s impact and achieving financial sustainability.

Sattva has worked with corporations, as part of their CSR initiatives,  to design and implement new interventions on the ground in areas such as girl child education and vocationalisation of education.

Sattva brings strong technical expertise in specific areas of education such as life skills, sports for development, and blended models of education, to help organizations build new programs or strengthen existing initiatives.

Sattva’s expertise in skill development and employability is a result of its work across the ecosystem involving skill development organizations, corporations, social enterprises, funders, policy makers, and ecosystem enablers.

Sattva works closely with skill development organizations to build new solutions, strengthen organizational capacity and implement actionable impact assessment initiatives.

Sattva engages with CSR and business heads in companies across a wide range of sectors to design and implement skilling and employability programs. These programs bring together partnerships with various skill organizations across the country.

Sattva has helped employment-focused social enterprises steer their implementation strategy and approach through impact assessment.

Sattva Knowledge engages closely with ecosystem enablers, donors, investors, and policy makers through events, workshops and roundtables to further dialogue, investment and action in key areas in skill development. Sattva’s Gap analysis of Skill development towards CSR Investment is part of the official curriculum of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA)

Sattva’s approach is to build sustainable and equitable value chains across farm and non-farm sectors. We work with non-profits to establish or strengthen local ecosystems and community-owned institutions on the ground.

Sattva has worked with organizations to improve their operational efficiency, build programs for enhancing farm productivity and in facilitating technical and market linkages to enhance livelihood opportunities for producers.

Sattva works with corporations through their business and CSR programs on livelihood development –  to strengthen their social return on investment and enable holistic development of producer and local communities in rural areas.

Sattva’s expertise in the WASH space lies in ensuring effective and sustainable delivery of essential services. Sattva believes that an effective model of service delivery must keep in mind the aspirations of the poor and address the relevance and quality needs of the end customer, while making the services affordable and financially viable.

In delivering WASH services to the communities, Sattva plays a hands-on role and works closely with diverse stakeholders including donors, experts, social enterprises, and community organizations to design the right solution and ensure effective and sustained adoption by the community. In order to achieve this, Sattva plays an active role in building community awareness, enabling access to finance, strengthening the local supply chain, and identifying and building last mile talent essential to ensure long term sustainability..

We believe that local entrepreneurship is key to the economic and social sustainability of solutions that are looking at inclusive development.

In our work with social organizations where we establish livelihood opportunities and delivery of essential services, Sattva’s core focus in implementation is support in identifying, training and handholding the community agents for social and economic development.

Sattva brings the expertise of designing and implementing enabling environments for micro-entrepreneurs to operate and thrive in. Sattva also plays an active role in building content and facilitating workshops for micro-entrepreneurship training.

Sattva enables financial inclusion as a key part of building sustainable solutions in essential services delivery, livelihood, education and skill for the local community.

Sattva engages with a wide range of communities (artisans, farmers, SHGs) through financial literacy programs and through building the ecosystem for financial inclusion. Sattva’s approach to financial inclusion is:

  1. Generate awareness and cultivate the habit of financial management and risk mitigation
  2. Strengthen the supply chain for enabling financial inclusion
  3. Focused efforts for enhancing financial capabilities of the community
  4. Enabling access to formal financial services – Bank accounts, Risk coverage products and more